Survive The Vibe

by Mizery

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Lion's Share Records


released September 26, 2014

Recorded and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit in Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Artwork by Andrei Bouzikov
Logo By Taylor Parker



all rights reserved


Mizery California

Jose Gonzales
Mike Salazar
Cayle Sain
Taylor Parker
California Hardcore

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Track Name: Burn
Possessed by possessions
Lusting for power and respect
It has clouded our judgment
Now we burn in the fire of neglect
Mistakes are never repeated
It’s a decision made by ignorance
Riches and victories worthless
We burn the same with indifference

Now we burn
Track Name: Forced Rebirth
The flesh has only one outcome
Which is death
And in return of the end
With rebirth we are met

Flesh of my flesh
Blood of blood
Below the rest
With nothing above

Reincarnation a punishment
For destruction of the self
Self preservation irrelevant
With no instructions to help
I roll the dice
Pray the numbers suffice
For the final test in my life
Forced to rebirth
And continue the hurt
Failed to see the light
Under six feet of dirt
Track Name: Casualty Of Love
I have begun
A full fledged war on love
I find no use
For the resources it provides
It has invaded me without consent
And now I do believe
That it has become time
We call for revolution
Emotional pollution
It plagues my people as we speak
Peace only an illusion
War the final solution
I hear the victims as they scream

I’m just a casualty of love
The one that I've been dreaming of
Will fight valiantly
I’m a casualty
Of the war on love

Snakes of salacity
Squeeze all the life from you
Before they hit its victim
With the final bite
The Venom makes its way
Your body going through
Every vein
You become blind before the night
For love we die
Track Name: Survive The Vibe
Corrupted by my own doing
You’re fine?
Who are you fooling?
Only yourself you see
This agony's begot for me
I was told watch for the crooks
I didn't listen
Watched as they took
Pieces one at a time
Now to rebuild I must

The only way out for us is to
No longer be a victim
It’s so god damn difficult
I will survive

Hard times have come my way
But every dog will have his day
And though from scraps I feed
It won't be long till I am freed
They got my brain in cuffs
But it won't be enough
To prevent my will because
in the end I know I must

I'm done playing the fool

So many times I felt subdued
So many lies I realized were
Never true
Ask me why and
I'll spit in your eye
Left me to die but I'll survive
The vibe
Track Name: Last Wishes
You toss and turn
But nothing seems to help
No single pill or hypnotizing spell
The truth you seek is in the big sleep
To erase mistakes dig deep
All of my dreams seem to end the same
And what I see ain't a pleasant thing
Is this the answer
Is this the key
To this life that I wish to leave

Desperate for peace
The afterlife
is the successor to sleep

Who am I
I wonder
Eternal slumber
Does death have my number today?
I'm not ready to die
I never kissed my mom goodbye
So I cry
Somebody save me please
I never meant to do this to me
I guess there's nothing to do
but just fade away
And reflect on life's mistakes

I wish these weren't
my final thoughts in life
But there's no looking back
It's time to go to sleep